Monday, October 11, 2010

NEW Paintings!

So iv been working for a while and haven't been doing a lot of personal work but here are some paintings iv done recently. the other three followed close behindthis is a shitty picture of the bottom of my new skate board, its the first acrylic painting iv done in almost years.

I took a picture of a girl with a huge dry cleaning bag hanging in front of her on the subway about a year ago, and it just sat on my phone for a while untell last month when i finally got around to painting this... i kinda wanted to do a set of limited color paintings with subway themes, but iv lost interest... so moving on.
and these are two of three 4x4inch paintings of blocks. iv been playing around allot with lighting and trying to get nice smooth gradients which is kind of a bitch with acrylic but its nice when it works. I'm liking doing small paintings mostly because i don't have the patients to do larger ones... and when i do i care to much about them. but who knows...